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RBL-REI Conveyor Systems

RBL-REI are one of the world’s three leading conveyor system manufacturers and have produced installations for almost 100 years. Specialists in belt and overland conveyors, stackers, reclaimers, etc to the tunnelling and mining industry.



Underground works are a branch of the public construction world which is in continuous development.

The needs of multi-purpose tunnels increase progressively according to performance enhancement of drilling methods. TBM constantly increase in diameter, improving their drilling speed. Consequently, equally high performance equipment must be put in place to collect, transport and evacuate waste materials to storage areas.

For decades, RBL-REI has provided continuous handling systems to construction companies for waste excavation for traditional boring equipment or TBMs.

Mines and Quarries

Quarries and mines are increasingly calling for continuous handling for the transport of sterile and merchant materials.

For many years, RBL-REI has responded to this need by producing high quality equipment equipment and installations in order to help reduce the cost price per ton mined.

RBL-REI supplies complete installations in various sectors of activity, including: Energy, Ports, Tunnel Boring, Mining and Quarrying, Fertilisers, Food Processing and Cement Plants.

For more than 35 years, RBL-REI has been designing, manufacturing and integrating industrial solutions for bulk handling. Across the 5 continents, listening to and supporting its commercial partners, RBL-REI has been able to meet today's challenges with tomorrow's innovation.

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