Portland Stone

ALBION STONE Portland Stone

Architects and Designers have chosen Portland Stone for over a thousand years. Supplied for demanding applications on high-specification projects for internal and external Cladding, its extreme durability also allows it to be used for high-traffic paving.



Portland Roach stone is a cavernous, shelly, oolitic limestone which, because of the high shell content, has a colour closer to grey/creamy white rather than the creamy white of the other Portland Limestones. It is a very hard and extremely durable material and is therefore ideally suited to exposed sites. The pronounced shell structure has also encouraged its use as decorative flooring or cladding panels.


Portland Whitbed is a fine grained limestone containing shell fragments which are distributed randomly and tend to be in bands throughout its mass. It is the traditional general building stone, being both extremely durable and able to be used for intricate masonry.


Portland Basebed, which can also be referred to as Bestbed, is the finest quality Portland Stone with a close pore structure and little shell. The stone is slightly less durable than Whitbed or Roach, and therefore may not be appropriate if a long life is required as a general paving stone, or in areas of very high exposure. Although originally used primarily as a monumental stone and carving stone, it has more recently been specified on high quality, prestigious office and residential developments. It is even used extensively for internal flooring.

Portland stone has a variety of uses including Building, Cladding, Walling, Internal Wall Linings, Flooring and Staircases, Paving and Steps.

Albion Stone have been involved with the Portland stone industry for nearly three quarters of a century, and quarrying the stone from the Basebed, Whitbed, and Roach seams for over thirty years. Architects and designers have chosen Portland Stone for over a thousand years. Many of the greatest buildings in London are constructed from Portland Stone, including Banqueting House and, most famously, St Paul'€™s Cathedral.

Recent contracts include award winning projects such as Green Park Underground Station, the Bulgari Hotel, and Eagle Place.

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