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NFM TECHNOLOGIES Tunnel Boring Machines

Ranked amongst the most important tunnel boring machine manufacturers on the world market, NFM Technologies provides its customers with tunnelling machines that are suited to all types of geology and are acknowledged for their reliability and robustness. NFM's expertise has enabled them to define their own processes for developing tailored technical solutions for tunnel excavation.


Hard Rock Machines

Our product offer is built around three types of tunneling machines for all types of geology, whatever the hardness of the rocks and the diameter to dig: single shield machines, telescopic shield machines and gripper machines. Each of these technologies integrates the constraints (abrasion, vibrations, etc.) facing the tunnel-boring machines digging for long distances.

Soft Ground Machines

We design tunnel-boring machines intended for digging in soft ground, whether soft solid ground ("earth pressure" technic) or unstable soft ground ("mud pressure" technic).

Dual Mode Machines

We have also developed a range of "dual-mode" tunnel-boring machines whose adaptation abilities to varied ground guarantee improved performance throughout the tunnel boring process. For example, we create pressurised hard rock tunnel-boring machines that use mud pressure / earth pressure according to the type of terrain crossed, along with machines for alternating between hard rock and soft ground. We search for the best compromise according to geology changes along a given route, in view of designing the best suited tunneling machine.

NFM Technologies designs and manufactures high technical added-value equipment and systems for Underground Work, Nuclear Power, Oil and Gas, Major Structures and Transport Industries.

A developer of custom technical solutions, NFM technologies is also recognized for the performance, reliability, safety and quality of its equipment.

NFM's expertise has enabled them to define their own processes for developing tailored technical solutions for tunnel excavation. Beyond tunnel boring machine design and manufacture, NFM provide all services required for correct work site operation including technical assistance, maintenance, regular cutting tool inspections and replacements.

Combined with a project-oriented organizational approach, our creativity and technical skills mean we can be efficiently involved in the design and production of high-tech equipment for large-scale infrastructure projects including Bridge Lifting Mechanisms and Stadium Construction. NFM Technologies performed the jointing operation for the Monaco dyke, consisting in connecting the dyke to the embankment. The two joint elements, both created by NFM, were successfully coupled.

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