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The tools carrier robot is a robot that carries high load tools in a tough environment. It is a particularly compact, robust and powerful machine designed specifically for extreme applications including drilling, percussion, milling, demolition, excavation, marinating, shotcrete. In aggressive environments, such as underground works, heavy industry, steel and cement.

The Menriders are intended to carry or evacuate people in a tunnel under construction or renovation.

Multi Purpose Vehicles (VMS)
Multi purpose Vehicles (VMS) are intended to carry various loads (rails, bins, racks, drums, mixers, cranes, baskets …) in a tunnel under construction. The tires on the vehicle solution is recognized for its flexibility and significant productivity gains. Due to their design, they can be road / rail and so travel on rail or conventional ground.

Rescue Vehicle
The Rescue Vehicles (VS) road / rail are intended to evacuate people or can serve as survival cell in a tunnel under construction or renovation. They are equipped with a driver’s cab at each end and can also be controlled remotely. The safety cell is equipped for use in underground conditions in the case of accidents or fires and ensure the survival of staff in total autonomy. It has several means of producing breathable air, air conditioning and different devices for comfort and control.

Rubber Tyred Trains (TSP)
Rubber tyred trains are intended to carry the segments, mortar tanks and other elements necessary for the construction of tunnels. The solution of tyres vehicles is recognized for its flexibility and significant productivity gains. Optionally, performance guidance systems can be adapted.


Machinery for Underground Works and Tracks Laying.


Metalliance is a company which specialises in the design and manufacture of industrial equipment and mobile machinery. Designer and builder of machines, machines and tools, and offers a range of standard and custom solutions for targeted applications.




Metalliance manufacture self-propelled trains on rubber tyred wheels for transporting segments, and various multifunction vehicles on rubber tyres or rail-wheels for tunnel building.