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Cogemacoustic® offers a very broad range of helicoid fans thanks to a clever combining of hub diameter, length and number of impeller blades.

With diameters of 630 mm to 2500 mm, an average of 8 possibilities per diameter is available to us in order to offer you with the fan the best suited to your needs, with optimum efficiency over an airflow range of 3 to 300m³ / sec.

Depending on the head of pressure required, we are in a position to produce a single stage fan or a battery of 2 or 3 machines set up in series. The decision to work with motor manufacturers of worldwide renown is a further guarantee of the quality of our equipment.

Our soundproof compact fans (Ventilateurs Compacts Insonorisés, VCIs) are a combination of totally unique technical and ergonomic advantages: exceptional fan efficiency, minimum space envelope, very low operating noise levels, vibration free, reliability, robustness, ease of maintenance, minimal energy consumption. In addition, compliance with explosion protection standards is ensured.

Such outstanding achievement is the result of our research and technological advance in the mining field. It is the ideal solution for the ventilation of mines containing firedamp or not, and for long-term worksites.

Cogemacoustic® manufactures and markets two types of dust scrubbers.

The DVS range uses the technology of PTFE-type filter media in combination with a motorized fan assembly. Delta filter technology has increased the filter surface by 25%, for a 99.9% dedusting efficiency and maximum capturing of alveolar dust.

The DVH series uses the Venturi principle in combination with a water spraying system to ensure perfect wetting of dust particles. Mixing of water and dust then takes place in a centrifugal turbine. This technology allows for compact and easily handled machines.

The standard range of Cogemacoustic® dust extractors is 4-30 m³ /sec. These machines are all provided with electronic soft-start units allowing for the adjustment of the start-up ramp, in order to avoid ducting being blown off its fixing.


Our extensive range of products and services allows us to find the solution to your Ventilation and Dust Control requirements for Tunnels and Mines.


Cogemacoustic’s ventilation department has engineers who have designed fans for over 20 years for ventilation in tunnels and mines. This experience and ability shows in the reliability and excellence of the products.


Used on many of the world’s largest tunnel projects, including the New York Metro East Side Tunnel, Legacy Way in Brisbane, the XRL Projects in Hong Kong and Crossrail.




From design through to manufacture, Cogemacoustic offers turnkey solutions for ventilating underground works. The wide range of reliable, high performance products includes fans, wet and dry dust scrubbers, flameproof systems, axial smoke-removing fans, and the patented VCI (Sound-proofed Compact Fan).